It is believed that Pandavas went heaven from the path above the Kedarnath, and they built the Shiva Temple in Kedar valley. And Kedarnath temple is located in the highest place among the 12 Jyotirlingas.

Kedarnath is a holy Hindu Temple located in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand.

The date for the opening of Shri Kedarnath Temple's kapat will be announced by the priests on the auspicious day of Basant Panchami or Shivratri. This year in 2023, Kedarnath Temple may be open on May 2023.

Kedarnath Temple will be closed on 14, November 2023 (Eve of Bhaiya Dooj).

The morning pooja starts from 4:00 and lasts till 7:00. thus after the last arti, Kedarnath Temple is closed till the next morning. only between the months of April & November.

Due to the very cold weather, the doors (kapat) of the Kedarnath temple are closed, and everyone from the Kedar valley migrates downwards.

The Lord Shiva Temple of Kedarnath is around 3000 years old. As per mythology, the Kedarnath Temple was made by the Pandava brothers. however, the exact date or year of the temple's establishment is not mentioned in pristine literature. But if we look at the scientific evidence, a minimum age of Kedardham about 3,000 years can be considered.

During the flood in 2013, the temple structure did not suffer any "major" damage, apart from a few cracks on one side of the four walls which was caused by the flowing debris from the higher mountains. During the disaster, a huge rock among the flood worked as a barrier and protected the temple from the extensive damage. The boulder saved the Kedarnath Temple although scientists believed that the structure and construction of the Temple were the reason for not being destroyed.

The stone which saved Kedarnath Mandir is called Bheem Sheela.

The Kedarnath Helipad is situated about 700 meters away from Kedarnath Temple and can be accessed within a few minutes. Daily helicopter services are available from the helipad in Phata village in Kedarnath. Some operators also offer a helicopter service from the town of Agustmuni in Rudraprayag.

Yes, everyone can stay near Kedarnath Temple. You can find several hotels and dharamshalas there according to your budget.