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About Kedarnath Temple

About Kedarnath Temple

In this article, we will talk about the major Information About Kedarnath Temple. First of all, Kedarnath is known as one of the Chota Char Dham pilgrimages of the Garhwal Himalayas.

Kedarnath Temple is a holy Hindu Temple located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand in India. With a very rich history of floods and stories, Kedarnath is located in the highest place among the 12 Jyotirlingas. And situated at an astonishing height of 3584 meters above sea level near the head of the Mandakini River.

The sound of Shiva bhakti songs About Kedar Baba in Hindi resonates in the winds here. There is a feeling of heaven on seeing the Himalayan hills with snow. The Kedarnath Dham is a heritage of Hindu culture. Which lies amidst the majestic snow-capped Northern Himalayan ranges.

About Kedarnath Temple

kedarnath yatra 2023 temple images
Front view of Kedarnath Temple

Devotees see Kedarnath as the Kedar Khand where their deity Mahadev resides. Not only do the devotees of the Hindu religion come to Kedarnath Darshan, but people of other religions also come to see this wonderful form of Bholenath. Other names of Lord Shiva are Bhola Bhandari, Shambhunath, Mahadeva, and Kedar Baba.

The milky white Mandakini with icy mountains and lush green forests adds to the beauty of Kedarnath Dham. This temple becomes a center of attraction for millions of tourists every year. Therefore thousands of devotees visit the Dham due to its mythological beliefs.

Meaning of Kedarnath

  • The word “Kedarnath” is derived from two words Kedar and Nath.
  • The meaning of “Kedar” is Gracious and it also refers to the name of a peak in the Himalayas.
  • And the meaning of “Nath” is the Lord which refers to Lord Shiva.

People believed that the sacred tour of this holy place opens up doorways to “moksha” or heaven. Lord Shiva is the God who is known as the protector and the destroyer.

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Chota Char Dham in Uttarakhand

Kedarnath is one of the significant temples of the sacred Chota Char Dham Yatra. This Yatra Consist of four temples of Uttarakhand. These are Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri.

The popularity of Kedar Dham increasing every year. Because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visit during Yatra Season. And he announced the All-Weather Road package also for public welfare during Election Rally. Finally, All Weather Road work is under construction and it will be completed before Char Dham Yatra 2020.

The Spiritual tour of the Kedarnath temple provides immense peace and satisfaction to the devotees. The environment of this mandir always remains divine and purifies the soul. It always rekindles the human being’s belief in the almighty.

The interesting fact about Kedarnath Temple is that it offers a unique amalgam of spirituality and adventure. Immediately behind the temple, is Dome Peak which stands at 6,940 meters.

One more amazing adventurous piece of information about Kedarnath Temple is that to reach the temple one has to take a trek of about 21km from Gauri Kund to Kedarnath. One more way to reach the temple is by taking helicopter services as well. If you have less time then You can go by helicopter services rather than trekking.

The temperature goes down to minus in the winter season with heavy snowfall. This is the reason why the Kedarnath Temple remains closed for six months.

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Inside Structure of Kedarnath Temple

who built kedarnath temple

The massive stone slabs were used in the formation of the Kedarnath Temple around a thousand years ago. And these slabs stand on a raised rectangular platform. It covers an area of approximately 3 square kilometers. Kedarnath Temple survived in flood because of these stone slabs.

Before the main temple, There is a low-pitched hall with images of Hindu mythological characters. furthermore, These characters are similar to Goddess Parvati and the warriors of the Mahabharata the Pandavas, and their queen Draupadi. Another figure of other deities from Mahabharat is engraved Inside the Kedarnath Temple walls.

A huge statue of the Nandi bull is situated outside the temple door. People worship this statue of Nandi after worshiping Kedar Baba. And a chronicle stone near the main temple is considered to be a part (hump) of Lord Shiva’s bull form.

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Who built Kedarnath Temple?

773 (601) Southside of the temple, Kedarnath, Garhwal, Griesbach 1882.

First of all, it is believed that the Kedarnath temple was rebuilt thousands of years ago by Adi Shankaracharya. The exquisite architecture of Kedarnath mandir is considered to be more than 1000 years old.

This holy temple has a “Garbha Griha” for worship. And a Mandap for gatherings of pilgrims and visitors.

The Kedarnath Dham is open to the general public only for 6 to 7 months due to difficult weather conditions. Hence it remains open between April to November from Akshaya Tritiya to Kartik Purnima.

In the winter, the deities are taken down to the Ukhimath from the Kedarnath temple where the worship is done for the next 6 months.

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What is special about Kedarnath Temple?

Kedarnath Temple is a Hindu temple located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is one of the four sacred shrines in Hinduism collectively known as Chota Char Dham and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The temple is situated at an altitude of 3,583 meters (11,755 feet) in the midst of the majestic Himalayan mountain range, making it one of the highest Shiva temples in the world. It is also surrounded by stunning natural beauty, with the Kedarnath Peak and Mandakini River adding to the temple’s scenic charm.

Kedarnath Temple has a rich history and is believed to have been built by the Pandavas during the Mahabharata era. It has undergone several renovations over the centuries, with the current structure dating back to the 18th century. The temple’s unique architecture, with its distinctive pyramid-shaped top, is also a noteworthy feature.

Due to its location and religious significance, Kedarnath Temple is considered a major pilgrimage site for Hindus, attracting thousands of devotees every year, especially during the Char Dham Yatra season. The temple is also an important part of Indian culture and heritage and has been the subject of numerous literary works, songs, and films.

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