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Heli Services For Kedarnath


Good news for the Pilgrims now, as Kedarnath Ji Darshan can be done by way of daily Heli Services for Kedarnath from Guptkashi, Phata & Shersi, flying at a short interval of time every day.

Yatris can book their tickets online in advance to avail of the provider, many helicopter/charter companies have resumed the Kedarnath Service for Char Dham Yatra 2023.

Devotees can visit the Kedarnath temple and return returned to Phata on the same day or wish to live for a single day and come return the subsequent day by way of helicopter.

Heli Services for Kedarnath from Phata

Heli Services for Kedarnath

The hard journey becomes much easy because of the daily helicopter service from the helipad in Phata village in Kedarnath. Some operators also offer a helicopter service from the town of Agustmuni in Rudraprayag.

Devotees can visit the Kedarnath shrine and also return the same day as the helicopter service flies at regular intervals from Phata and Agustmuni helipads. 5-seater helicopters are operated by different tour companies.

Heli Services in Kedarnath Yatra 2023 (Timings)


The last helicopter back to Phata leaves at 11:10 AM.

And those tourists & pilgrims who wish to spend a whole night in this pure land of Lord Shiva can choose to take this flight the next morning.

Even on the same day devotees can get the return flight and get around 1:30 hours for darshan in the temple.

Temporary Accommodation and hotel options are available at both Phata and Kedarnath.

Best Time for Char Dham Tour

Kedarnath Helicopter Services: Route & Fare Cost

There are three main routes available for Heli services in Kedarnath.

Guptkashi, Phata, & Sersi.

You can take your helicopter ride from any of these three places.

heli service for kedarnath 2023
Heli Services for Kedarnath Booking Price List 2023
  • Passengers weighing more than 80 Kg have to pay additional Rs. 150 per Kg for additional weight.
  • For children less than 2 yrs, the fare will be free of cost and no seat will be provided.
  • Only one infant is allowed with 1 adult passenger.

Explore Kedarnath

Many companies are providing Heli Services For Kedarnath. Some charter companies’ names are:

Gupkashi Heli Services in Kedarnath

Aryan Aviation (Guptkashi To Kedarnath)
Arrow Aircraft (Guptkashi To Kedarnath)

Phata Heli Services in Kedarnath

Pawan Hans (Phata To Kedarnath)
ICPL (Phata To Kedarnath)
Thumby Aviation (Phata To Kedarnath)
UT Air (Phata To Kedarnath)

Sersi Heli Services in Kedarnath

Heritage Kestrel (Sersi To Kedarnath)
Himalayan Heli (Sersi To Kedarnath)

Some Helicopter Service Costs/Price Explained in Detailed below.

Arrow Aircraft (Guptkashi To Kedarnath)

Here we are showing you the price of Aero Aircraft Helicopter Services Online Booking.

Guptkashi Kedarnath Guptkashi = Rs.7750/- Per Passenger (2 way – Round Trip Fare)

Guptkashi Kedarnath = Rs.4275/- Per Passenger (1 way – One Way Fare )

Kedarnath Guptkashi = Rs.4275/- Per Passenger (1 way – One Way Fare)

Pawan Hans Limited (Phata To Kedarnath)

Here we are showing you the price of Pawan Hans Limited Helicopter Services Online Booking.

Phata Kedarnath Phata = Rs.4720/- Per Passenger (2 way Round Trip Fare)

Phata Kedarnath = Rs.2399/- Per Passenger (1 way)

Kedarnath Phata = Rs.2399/- Per Passenger (1 way)

The cost/price for one round trip from Phata-Kedarnath-Phata comes to INR 4720 per person with excess applicable taxes.

One-way helicopter round trip can also be booked according to availability. A one-way ticket costs between INR 2,300 to INR 3,500 with applicable taxes.

Himalayan Heli (Sersi To Kedarnath)

Here we are showing you the price of Himalayan Heli Services for Kedarnath Online Booking.

Sersi Kedarnath Sersi = Rs. 4680 /- Per Passenger (2 way) – Same Day Return

Sersi Kedarnath Sersi = Rs. 4680 /- Per Passenger (2 way) – Next Day Return

Equal Prices on the Same Day Return and the Next Day Return.

Sersi Kedarnath = Rs. 2470 /- Per Passenger (1 way)

Kedarnath Sersi = Rs. 2470 /- Per Passenger (1 way)

The fares Prices shown above are the official rates declared for the Sersi sector, as per the Uttarakhand government tender for the year 2019. Prices are inclusive of all taxes.

It will be a 14km trek beginning from the respective helipad to reach the Kedarnath Temple, situated on the bank of the Mandakini River.

Online Booking Official Website:Heliservices.uk.gov.in

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