Badrinath Temperature in March

There is a cold temperature in Badrinath Temple in March. but it’s less cold than January and February. The height of Badrinath Temple is around 3,300 meters (10,800 ft) above sea level. Hence Badrinath’s temperature in March remains cold.

Here we are sharing a detailed analysis of Badrinath temperature in March. The analysis includes weather conditions like average, minimum, or maximum Temperature in Badrinath in the month of March.

Badrinath Temperature in March

badrinath temperature in march

Similar to January/February, In the month of March, Badrinath Temple is covered with snow. Due to which Badrinath Temple is closed and inaccessible during the month of March. The temperatures go low with rainfall.

  • Avg. Temperature in March is around 7°C
  • Min. Temperature in March is around 3°C
  • Max. Temperature in March is around 11°C
  • The Average Precipitation/Rainfall is 116 mm in March.

Weather conditions are quite difficult for local people as well as for all the tourists.  the temple remains closed due to inappropriate weather conditions and due to which it is inaccessible during the month of March.

As you can now understand that the weather conditions are cold in Badrinath during March. So If you are planning a trip to Badrinath in March. Get ready and be prepared with properly equipped items for the bone-chilling cold. Happy Winters!

Badrinath Temperature Today

The temperature in Badrinath right now and 7 Days Weather Forecast.


Due to the very heavy snowfall, the Badrinath Temple remains closed for 6 months in the winter season and then opens in the summer season.

Badrinath Closed Season – After Vijaydashmi/Dasshera around mid-Nov to Dec, Jan, Feb, March, Mid April

Badrinath Open Season – On the day of Basant Panchami around April, May, June, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, mid-Nov.

Badrinath Weather Report for the Year 2021

badrinath temperature

Badrinath Temperature Report for the Year 2021 – Weather Forecast

Snowfall in Badrinath Temple in March

Badrinath during the winter month like March the amount of snowfall decrease low as comparison to January and February. but the layer of snow remains the same and slowly-slowly it starts melting.

In recent years some other nearby places to Badrinath temple-like Neeti-Mana village,  Tungnath, Chopta, Chanrashila, Valley of Flowers emerge as famous winter destinations.

Some other trekking places are also being popular among the Tourists for their winter break in March.

Badrinath Weather in Detail (Monthly)

Badrinath Temperature Report for the Year 2021 – Weather Forecast

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