Badrinath Yatra

Panch Badri Yatra 2024

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Panch Badri is a term used to call five famous temples collectively, located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. All 5 temples of Panch-Badri are dedicated to Lord Vishnu. In this article, we have shared all the important details like the Panchbadri temple’s name, the history of Panch Badri, the Panch Badri yatra route map, […]

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27 Facts About Badrinath

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Badrinath or Badrinarayana Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu which is located in Garhwal hill tracts along the banks of the Maa Alaknanda River in Chamoli District in Uttarakhand, India. And today we are presenting you a gem of an article that consists of 27 facts about the Badrinath temple. All these

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