Yamunotri Temperature in July

Yamunotri temperature in July remains not that cold but the weather in Yamunotri remains cloudy. The Monsoon in Yamunotri brings heavy rainfall and occasional landslides which makes it not an ideal time to visit the town.

July and August are the rainiest months of the year due to the monsoon season. So be careful when you visit the hilly areas in the monsoon. You can experience lots of trouble in hilly road routes in monsoon season.

Yamunotri is situated in a hilly area so in monsoon season heavy rain becomes the cause of massive landslides of roads and hills. So be really careful when you visit Uttarakhand in monsoon season.

Here we are sharing a detailed analysis of Yamunotri temperature in July. The analysis includes weather conditions like average, minimum, and maximum temperature in Yamunotri.

Yamunotri Temperature in July

rainy season in yanumotri

July month is the most cloudy month of the Year. In the month of July, The weather is not suitable to visit Yamunotri Temple. The roads start to get damaged due to landslides.

The Monsoon in Yamunotri brings heavy rainfall which makes it not an ideal time to visit the town.

  • Avg. Temperature is around 17°C
  • Min. Temperature is around 8°C
  • Max. Temperature is around 26°C
  • The Average Precipitation/Rainfall is 240 mm in July.

Yamunotri Temperature today

The temperature in Yamunotri right now and 7 Days Weather Forecast.


Yamunotri Temperature in Monsoon

In the month of July, The weather is cloudy. The monsoon in Yamunotri starts in July and ends somewhere in Mid- September. cause of monsoon and heavy rain the temperature fluctuates too much in the monsoon season.

On rainy nights it becomes very cold and in day time it feels hot. so be prepared to experience the dual weather in a single day.

Yamunotri Temple Opening Date

  • Yamunotri Closed Season – On the “Eve of Bhai Dooj” around mid-Nov to Dec, Jan, Feb, March, Mid April
  • Yamunotri Open Season – On the day of “Akshay Tritiya” around April, May, June, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, mid-Nov.

Monsoon in Yamunotri Temple in July

July is the month when the monsoon entered Uttarakhand. So in July, it starts raining and the condition of weather becomes cloudy and rainy.

If you are planning to start your journey in July it can be the wrong decision for you.

In recent years some other nearby places to Yamunotri temple-like Hanuman Mandir, Khrsali Village, Someshwar Temple, emerge as famous winter destinations.

Yamunotri Weather Report for the Year 2022

yamunotri temperature monthly

Yamunotri Weather in Detail (Monthly-wise)

Yamunotri Temperature Report for the Year 2022 – Weather Forecast

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