Haridwar to Badrinath (330 km)

Badrinath is one of the most visited Hindu temples located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. If you want to know how to reach Badrinath from Haridwar then don’t worry! Here you will get complete details about Haridwar to Badrinath travel guide and distance by road, air, and train.

Some other names of Badrinath Temple are “Badarikaashram”, “Badri Vishal”, “Badri Narayana Temple”. Badrinath Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Badrinath temple lies on the banks of the Alaknanda River, a Himalayan river that is one of the headstreams of the holy river Ganga.

The holiness of this shrine can be understood by the fact that Badrinath Temple is the only temple that is part of both Char Dhams; Chota Dhams of Uttarakhand as well as Char Dham of India.

  • Chota Char Dhams of Uttarakhand comprises Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath.
  • Char Dhams of India comprises Dwaraka, Puri, Rameswaram, and Badrinath.

How to Go Badrinath from Haridwar

Haridwar is an ancient city and important Hindu pilgrimage site in Uttarakhand state, where the River Ganges exits the Himalayan foothills.

Haridwar is the main destination to start your journey for Badrinath. This is the reason Haridwar know as the Gateway of Char Dham of Uttarakhand.

Generally, people start their Badrinath Yatra journey from Rishikesh or Haridwar. And If you are planning your trip to Badrinath Yatra from Haridwar. Then you are at the right place here, Haridwar is the best place to start your journey for Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand.

If you are planning your trip to Badrinath Temple from Haridwar city. Then this article will guide you on how to reach Badrinath from Haridwar.

Here we will give you a complete guide for Haridwar To Badrinath distance and Route Map for Char Dham yatra 2020 from Haridwar.

Haridwar to Badrinath distance

The distance between Haridwar to Badrinath by road is around 321 km.

Haridwar to Badrinath route journey time is 10 hours via road.

Haridwar To Badrinath Route Map (Google Map)

haridwar to badrinath route map

How to Reach Badrinath from Haridwar

There are various modes of transport to reach Badrinath from Haridwar.

  • Haridwar to Badrinath By Road
  • Haridwar to Badrinath By Air
  • Haridwar to Badrinath By train   

There is no direct train for Badrinath from Haridwar. Rishikesh and Haridwar are the last railway stations on Badrinath Route. Haridwar is considered one of the most sacred and holy cities of India.

The holiness of the River Ganga attracts lakhs of Hindu pilgrimage and tourists every year. But here we are talking about how to reach Badrinath from Haridwar.

If you want to visit Badrinath Temple, then always remember It does not matter whether you are traveling by train, air, or by road.

Haridwar is the main place from where you have to start your journey to the hilly area. That is why Haridwar is known as the Gateway of Char Dham of Uttarakhand.

⦿ Haridwar to Badrinath by Road:

badrinath by road

If you want to visit Badrinath from Haridwar by road then there are many options available on Haridwar to Badrinath route. Badrinath is only 321 km away from Haridwar.

Badrinath temple lies in Joshimath tehsil of Chamoli district. There are direct Buses from Haridwar to Joshimath that are easily available on daily basis from Haridwar Bus Station.

Joshimath is a beautiful city and the last bus station on the Badrinath route. Once you reached Joshimath then you can take a Taxi, Jeep, or any local transport to reach Badrinath Temple.

The distance between Joshimath to Badrinath is 45 kilometers.

After reaching Badrinath town the distance from town to Badrinath Temple is approximately between 700m – 1km.

Major Destinations between Haridwar to Badrinath :

Haridwar ➜ Rishikesh➜ Shivpuri➜ Byasi➜ Teen Dhara➜ Devprayag➜ Karakot➜ Maletha➜ Kirtinagar➜ Srinagar➜ Khankra➜ Rudraprayag➜ Lugai➜ Nagrasu➜ Gauchar➜ Karnaprayag➜ Sonla➜ Nandaprayag➜ Gopeshwar ➜ Pipalkoti ➜ Gulabkoti ➜  Joshimath ➜  Govind Ghat ➜  Lambagad ➜  Badrinath

Note: Apart from Haridwar, you can take the bus from Dehradun or Rishikesh. Rishikesh is one another main bus stations for traveling to hilly areas of Uttarakhand. Bus, taxi, or any other public transport for Badrinath Temple are easily available in Rishikesh.

Haridwar to Badrinath by Bus Ticket price & Booking Here

⦿ Haridwar to Badrinath by Air/Flight:

badrinath temple by air

There is no direct air route from Haridwar to Badrinath. So you have to travel to Sahastradhar Helipad located in Dehradun.

You can book a Helicopter ride at an affordable price there.

Dehradun To Badrinath by Helicopter:

Rishikesh/Haridwar/Dehradun ➜ Sahastradhara Helipad ➜ Badrinath Temple

If you want to travel to Badrinath by helicopter then you have to go to the Sahastradhara helipad in Dehradun.

This helicopter ride will take you directly to Badrinath Temple.

The Distance from Haridwar to the Sahastradhara helipad is Approximately 59 km.

⦿ Haridwar to Badrinath by Train:

haridwar railway station

The nearest railway stations from Badrinath are Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Dehradun.

There is no direct train from Haridwar to Badrinath but there are many trains available from all major cities to Haridwar on daily basis.

The distance between Haridwar to Badrinath is around 321 km. And Haridwar and Rishikesh are the last Railway Stations After Dehradun.

So you have to travel by road after reaching the railway station. Therefore you can book a Taxi or Bus from Haridwar to Badrinath easily.

There are also local buses available from Haridwar Bus Station which is within a walking distance from Haridwar Railway Station.

Haridwar to Badrinath Train Ticket Price & Booking Here

Badrinath Distance from Major Cities

Note: This distance is directly from the Badrinath Temple in Chamoli, Uttarakhand.

Click on Any Route below and you will redirect to a distance Guide on that Route.

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⦿ Haridwar To Badrinath

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